ELIMS Inventory Management System Granted U.S. Patent

Economy Inventory Management System (ELIMS) is pleased to announce the first-of-its-kind product was recently approved for a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The designation protects and preserves the intellectual property as the inventory management system continues making its way in to the market.

A product of Economy Polymers & Chemicals, ELIMS brings improved accuracy and extensive savings to the world of oilfield management. The system allows companies to track material levels remotely, cutting down on expensive man hours, unused chemicals and other costly industry hurdles. With an accuracy greater than or equal to 99 percent, companies that utilize ELIMS experience an average savings of $40,000 per job.

“Our company has always known that ELIMS was more than a useful tool. It’s a technology our industry has never before seen, and this patent confirms that,” Director Stewart White said. “We are incredibly honored to have reached such a milestone.”

White said the ELIMS team plans to continue fine-tuning the innovative system in order to bring added value and ease to managers in the field.

“In oil and gas, even a seemingly minor miscalculation can add up to tremendous cost. And with the volatile nature of the market itself, that can prove disastrous,” he explained. “If there’s something we can do to make that process easier and add a bit more stability, we want to do it.”

For more information about ELIMS, visit elims.com or call 800.231.2066.