ELIMS introduces an Inventory Monitoring System that finally measures up.

With oil prices near their lowest in decades, even small-scale misuse or surplus of supplies can severely decrease your profit margin. Eliminate excess job site expenditures with ELIMS, a remote inventory monitoring system that boasts a minimum of 99% accuracy and can increase profits by more than $40,000 per job.

In partnership with Economy Polymers & Chemicals, we’re also able to offer a consignment billing system, so you only pay for the exact amount of product you use. By eliminating inventory adjustments and write-offs, reducing the man hours and equipment needed in the field and ensuring an inventory of zero at job’s end, ELIMS is more than a convenient monitoring system—it’s a revolutionary new way to improve your bottom line.

Bringing our oilfield customers innovative, cost-saving technology is one more way we’re engineering performance.