ELIMS’ state-of-the-art inventory management offerings can make operations easier. Sidestep unanticipated production pauses with remote inventory monitoring. Easily store and transfer dry materials and ensure your products are working the best for you — even in extreme weather scenarios. Read on to learn more about our range of turnkey and custom inventory management options.



The Over the Road tank monitoring system continuously evaluates tank levels, securely assessing and reporting conditions to necessary parties.

ELIMS OTR Monitoring System
  • Patented technology
  • Chemical level & temperature monitoring
  • Location Tracking
  • ≤ 50 gallons resolution on a typical ISO trailer
  • Local display at rear of trailer to view level, temperature
  • Refill, reciculation, vent, and supply lines located at ground level
  • All features provided with fieldVIEWER software
  • Additional Functionality available upon request


A location-dependent version of the OTR system, slimEDGE can communicate with a range of wired and wireless devices and supports multiple tanks, as well. An ideal option when multiple tanks or sensor data must be collected, visualized and transmitted to headquarters.

ELIMS Multiple Tank Monitoring System
  • Patented technology
  • Support for multiple tanks, level and temperature
  • High resolution sensor may be provided upon request
  • Support for other sensor types
  • Tested in > 50 mph winds
  • All features provided with fieldVIEWER software
  • Custom logic available upon request


ELIMS’ Heat and Circulation (HC) Skid typically mounts to an ISO trailer, maintaining fluid temperature and aiding in both circulation and effectiveness. An ideal option for temperature- and/or homogeneity-sensitive products in extreme environments.

ELIMS Tank 2
  • Maintain 60- to 80-degree Fahrenheit temperatures even in subzero climate
  • Circulation for uniform heat throughout vessel
  • Prevents fluids from freezing in plumbing lines
  • Ability to heat multiple vessels from one skid unit
  • ELIMS technicians available 24/7
  • Up to 300 gallons/minute fluid recirculation capacity
  • Diesel-powered and completely self-contained


ELIMS’ state-of-the-art inventory management offerings provide the visibility needed to efficiently manage your inventory-related operations. Benefits range from automatic intelligence and intuitive visualization, to analysis tools to plan ahead, as well as look back and find areas for improvement.

The customizable system is actively under development, and our company will add features and functions if requested.



Quickly see where potential problems exist.

ELIMS - Drill into the Details of Your Asset

Drill into the Details of Your Asset

  • Quick trends of your tank level over the last 30 days.
  • Current values for all data collected from the asset.
  • Asset location information.
ELIMS - Monitor/Manage your Wellsite logistics

Monitor/Manage your Wellsite logistics

  • Wellsite consumption summary.
  • Stage usage.
  • Deliveries.
  • Tank level chart.
ELIMS - View All Active Alarms

View All Active Alarms

  • Email or text alerts for high-priority alarms.
  • User-configurable alarms.
  • Multiple alarms — and alarm level — options.
ELIMS - Analyze Your Operations

Analyze Your Operations

  • Compare usage rates across wellsites.
  • Compare asset utilization.
  • Compare many other points of interest.
ELIMS - Hone in on Your Fleets

Hone in on Your Fleets

View and process only the fleets you are interested at the moment.


We offer a number of products that connect to and communicate with our cloudVIEW software. At the core of these products is fieldVIEW, a software solution that provides powerful edge analytics and visualization. One core differentiator of our system is that it is an always-on and processing system, reporting observations as they are detected, and providing fast response time to events in cloudVIEW.


Website Broadcasted in the Field, Accessible from Datavan or Operations Trailer Over Secure Wi-Fi

  • View tank level and temperature.
  • View deliveries, active and completed.
  • View stage consumptions, active and completed.
ELIMS OTR Monitoring System

Built-In Algorithms to Detect:

  • Stages.
  • Deliveries.
  • In-motion status.
  • At wellsite status.
  • Algorithms can be added upon request.


ELIMS understands that every industrial operation runs differently. Although our products and services are designed to be easily scaled to your individual needs, we offer a wide range of custom-tailored solutions. Whether you’re seeking out ways to better monitor existing inventory or a shift in production practices has you rethinking your system altogether, the ELIMS team is here to help keep your operations working efficiently and cost effectively.