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You already rely on ELIMS for inventory tracking assistance, but our service doesn’t end there. We take pride in keeping our friends and customers in the know regarding the latest company news and industry updates. Take a look at what’s going on now.

ELIMS Inventory Management System Granted U.S. Patent

Economy Inventory Management System (ELIMS) is pleased to announce the first-of-its-kind product was recently approved for a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The designation protects and preserves the intellectual property as the inventory management system continues making its way in to the market. A product of Economy Polymers & Chemicals, ELIMS … More »

ELIMS introduces an Inventory Monitoring System that finally measures up.

With oil prices near their lowest in decades, even small-scale misuse or surplus of supplies can severely decrease your profit margin. Eliminate excess job site expenditures with ELIMS, a remote inventory monitoring system that boasts a minimum of 99% accuracy and can increase profits by more than $40,000 per job. In partnership with Economy Polymers … More »