A Cutting-edge Solution for Your Company’s Consumables

Pick up larger jobs than your company thought possible, and make more money, with help from ELIMS’ patented inventory monitoring system. ELIMS streamlines your operations and cuts down on costly waste by tracking your consumables down to the very last drop. Customers average $40,000 in savings per job and benefit from a wide range of advantages.

right sized inventory

Right-sized Inventory

A fine-tuned system with 99% or greater accuracy, ELIMS allows you to see exact measurements for the fluids, solids and package inventory your company has on-hand. Eliminate the need to order and hold additional supplies, and reduce the costs associated with delivery and storage.

Additionally, ELIMS’ partnership with Economy Polymers & Chemicals allows you the option of consignment billing. Utilize third-party chemicals billed directly through ELIMS, and pay for what you use — nothing more, nothing less.