What Could an Inventory Management System Mean For Your Business? An Average Profit Increase of $40,000 Per Well.

In the up-and-down world of oilfield work, every detail — and every dollar — matters. When guesswork and unnecessary spending enter the mix, your bottom line suffers. Improve your operations with Economy Inventory Management System (ELIMS).

A remote system with a 99% or greater accuracy, ELIMS places the power of inventory control in your hands. Reduce costly adjustments and write-offs, cut down on hundreds of man hours and streamline practices immediately, with a system that averages $40,000 in savings per job. At ELIMS, we’re working with you — and for you — to optimize your oilfield work.

  • Real-time, On-site Field Inventory Management
  • Mobile, Wireless, Battery-powered System
  • Secure, Encrypted Database
  • Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere
  • On-site Chemical Total Printouts
  • Consignment Billing
  • Automated Invoicing from the Field to Your System
  • 99% or Greater Inventory Measurement Accuracy
  • Modular System Adapts to Most Existing Containers
patented product

A Patented Product

ELIMS is proud to announce our first-of-its-kind system was recently approved for a U.S. patent.

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